Corporate Shows & Workshops

There is no better way to bond your teams or to make sure your work presentations are less dull than getting some comedians to teach you how to be funny or have a real fun company event with a mix of comics making your sides split!

We have a variety of show formats for your corporate event or company party:

  • Events
  • Comics
  • Mixed Show
  • Lighten up your event with a professional comedian doing a fun set to liven up your event or as a master of ceremony to guide your event in a witty an engaging manner – this will make your event a lot more fun

  • A group of comics who can do either a few slots in your event schedule or go back to back for whole comedy section as part of your schedule.

  • A variety of experienced comedians from all over the world bringing you all the laughs to either fill out your evening entertainment or liven up your conference midday.

We also run two types of corporate workshops:

  • Writing
  • Presentation
  • A writing workshop for your creative staff to improve their creative output. We got two modules, a short 3h version and a full 7h day (with lunch break) module with lots of practical exercises, breakout sessions, group work, individual mentoring and pitching skills, as well as improving your corporate communication through humour.

  • A presentation workshop for every department of the organisation. Improve your outward presentation or your internal pitches by making them more relatable, instantly connect with your audience, whether it’s clients or managers or teams, through humour.