Bergstraße 2, 10115 Berlin

Berlin, BE, DE, 10115

It’s our 4th of July special – time for the US American Eagle to fly high once more. The pure freedom will overjoy you!

Come and strain your laugh muscles. Turn that frown upside down. Let’s bring some smiles and laughs to Berlin. Be blown away by all the Freedom that will be freely blown in your faces with the free voices of our free American Comedians. Served with a big side of even more FREEDOM. Because MURICA

We’ll be at the cool, chill and super free Z-Bar in Berlin Mitte, near Rosenthaler Platz.

We have limited capacity. So, get your tickets NOW!

Have you lived in different countries and are somewhat confused about your national / international identity?

Then this is the show for you – Culture Shock is a comedy series that celebrates cultural diversity and elevates any identity to that of global world citizen.

For this special edition we will celebrate ye ol’ US of A. MURICA will celebrate the idiosyncracies and oddities of American culture by showcasing 4 amazing American Comedians living in Berlin and how they cope with bringing their innate awesomeness to a place like Berlin.

Come laugh and learn all about the different cultures these comedians represent in a night of non-stop laughter!

doors 8pm, show 9pm

Tickets Available Now! (prices excl. fees)

10€ at our other live events (like Laughing Spree Open Mics every Tuesday and Sunday).

12€ Early Bird tickets (till 23.06.; Bald Eagle Ticket),

12€ student tickets (Tuition Ticket),

12€ group tickets (We’re #1 Ticket),

14€ discounted eventbrite tickets (Freedom Ticket),


19€ at the door (if any seats left!)

Stephanie DePrez

Tyrone Stallone

If you made it all the way down, just buy a ticket already! What do you want from us?! Geez!